Translation Management for Multilingual Wikis

BlueSpice [translate] supports translators with their work in the wiki!


How much time do your translators spend tracking changes in source documents?

BlueSpice [translate] helps you to pinpoint any changes, no matter how small they are, thus reducing translation time, accelerating the translation process and minimizing translation cost. BlueSpice provides translators with a translation cockpit for their respective language(s).

In this cockpit they see:

  • what has been changed in any of the source texts,
  • what the status of the individual translation jobs is,
  • what outstanding translation jobs there are.

To make life for translation teams even easier, BlueSpice [translate] harnesses the unique power of Wikipedia’s global language capabilities and automatically suggests solutions for each individual translation job. Translators either pick one of the suggested solutions or come up with their own translation.


The software package BlueSpice [translate] contains:

  • Translation cockpit and auto translation capabilities supporting more than 200 languages
  • Authorization and revision proofing functions
  • Remote installation of the software package by an expert of the
    Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH via remote access



Your price (net):

1,500 €

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