Central Authentification for Your Wiki

Quick and easy access with [comfort sign on] - reduce the entry barriers to your wiki!


With the package [comfort sign-on], your Wiki is not only connected to the central authentication (LDAP) but the users are also already accredited to the Wiki per "Single Sign-on" when they sign up for their workplace.

Organize your co-workers in user groups and maintain group rights either locally in the wiki or centrally by the LDAP/AD server.


The software package BlueSpice [comfort sign-on] contains:

  • LDAP-/AD connection and Single Sign-on
  • Set and manage user groups
  • Manage the group rights
  • Remote installation of the software package by an expert of the
    Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH via remote access



Your price (net):

2,000 €

Compatible with: