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BlueSpice - MediaWiki for Enterprises

BlueSpice is a MediaWiki Distribution BlueSpice for a free and open source Enterprise Wiki. It is based on the well-known software of Wikipedia without changing MediaWiki. Due to this the update capability is granted. BlueSpice extends MediaWiki and enhances it with useful features, in particular in the areas quality management, process support, administration, editing and security.

It is used worldwide as a platform for collaborative knowledge management, as a knowledge base in customer support and as an uncomplicated tool for documentation and handbooks.


BlueSpice is free software. It can be extended with a multitude of business features so that BlueSpice can implement comprehensive Enterprise 2.0 solutions.

Watch more presentations from BlueSpice for MediaWiki at slideshare.

7 Reasons to Use BlueSpice

Processes are optimised and costs and error reduced through:

  • Faster editing processes with the security of archiving previous versions
  • Documentation is held centrally and always kept up to date
  • The documentation process is effective and collaborative

Existing MediaWikis are upgraded into mature business solutions:

  • Search results are faster and more precise
  • Administration is easier and permissions management improved
  • Quality management is made better via workflow and other tools
  • Working with the wiki is convenient, more time is left free for content and customers