MediaWiki for Business

BlueSpice free is an Open Source enterprise wiki solution. It is used together with Wikipedia's software engine MediaWiki.
Download BlueSpice free.

Publish to the Web

BlueSpice public is a knowledge platform for customers, partners and fans.
A wiki for knowledge transfer in the web.

Documenting Knowledge

BlueSpice docu is the online manual for industry, service and IT.
A wiki for documentation and quality management.

Enterprise Wiki on Demand

Launch your wiki today with a well-known cloud provider! On the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform you can expand BlueSpice with further modules whenever you need. Use the BlueSpice wiki secure and comfortable in the cloud!

BlueSpice docu

The wiki solution for documentation and online manuals! Save 15% when you buy a solution instead of single packages. Concept workshop, coaching and installation - all inclusive!


Wiki Discovery Feature Highlights


    BlueForge - the Software Wiki:
    A software guide for business software


Make Differences Visible

Use [visual diff] to compare two article versions and see at first sight what has been changed.

Quality Assurance

Support teamwork and approval processes with [teamwork]

Manage Articles

[superlist] gives wiki gardeners and administrators an overview of the complete stock of articles